Monday, May 2, 2016

About me and the Blog

Hello everyone,

My name is Emily. I am a Costco marketing representative for Ecowater Systems and a proud military wife. I can be very quiet yet very boisterous with my thoughts. I started making homemade cleaners as a way to save money so I could afford going to college, and boy has it worked. The recipes I post on here are ones I have personally tried and liked. Most of the cleaners cost less than $1 when made. The basic supplies you will need for these are mainly spray bottles, a large bucket, and a large metal pot. There are a few basic ingredients you will need to buy for most of these recipes: Baking Soda, Vodka (or rubbing alcohol, but vodka is cheaper per oz), Distilled Vinegar, and Borax. I personally buy all of these ingredients in bulk so that I have them ready when needed, and believe me I go through it all fast. I will try to post at least once a week with a new recipe or organization solution that will help save time and money, but again I am a military wife and have a very busy life.